Our Mission:
To perform educational, interactive and inspirational stories for children and their families.
Performances combine energetic storytelling, audience participation, live music, improvisation and stagecraft education to introduce children to self-expression, imaginative play and the performing arts.

Photo above: Princess Rose (Shannon Connell) gets a helping hand from Rumpelstiltskin (Aaron Clark) to turn straw into gold!


Educational Theater for Children



April Vacation Performance! 

Three Little Pigs & One Snappy Wolf
Thursday, April 23  •  9:30 and 11 am
The Meeting Hall at UUCiA  •  6 Locke St., Andover, MA
$5 per person  •  Wheelchair accessible

Limited general admission seating available.
Please email an rsvp to

In this adapted tale, we meet three adventurous pigs and one trouble-making wolf
with a less-than-friendly attitude. They discover what it means to be friends while
being true to their feelings and taking care of their responsibilities. Children help
build the brick house and sing along as the Little Pigs cooperate and the
Snappy Wolf learns an important lesson!

Performances by adult actors combine energetic storytelling, audience participation, live music, improvisation and stagecraft education to introduce children to self expression, dramatic play and the performing arts.
Children visit with the characters before the show, can share a joke or special talent during the show, and explore our costumes boxes with the actors afterwards. Come and experience the joyful magic of the Fairy Tale Players!

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Thoughts from our audience members:

"Great staging, music and movement! We especially loved the non-scary costuming and the opportunity for children to do a little bit of their own pretending by opening the costume boxes after the performance. A terrific introduction to live theater!"
- Corinne Fisher, Head of Children's Services, Reading Public Library

"Thank you, for all you do! I really appreciate the opportunity to introduce my kids to live theater in an age-appropriate way. And I love that they can experience storytelling without technology, commercials, or potty humor. (Sorry, SpongeBob!)"
- A. Mici

"The girls have enjoyed both of your performances very much and we greatly appreciate your efforts to bring family friendly dramatic performance to North Andover. Yeah! Finally something in our backyard! All 3 of my girls told me tonight that the play was their favorite thing they did all weekend - and keep in mind that we got and decorated an Xmas tree, made chocolate chip cookies, and played at the park - and you still beat the competition hands down."
- K. Brenneman

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